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    Master Chef Karen Lynn Hall Cordon Bleu (France) is in the USA and Menus for Breakfast (Complete)

    Menu of GMBR Bush Pilots Search and Rescue Catering Service 2016 Winter

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    • Prep Time: 30 minutes
    • Cook Time: 30 minutes
    • Serves: 1 people


    • 8 oz - Water
    • 8 oz - Milk
    • 8 oz - Juice
    • 8 oz - Coffee
    • 1 - Fruit
    • 1 bowl - Cereal
    • 2 - Eggs
    • 2 - Bacon
    • 1 ladel - Grits
    • 2 slices - Toast
    • 4 potatoes - Hash Browns
    • 1 pat - Butter
    • 1 pat - Jam


    • To prepare you may spend a few hours in the kitchen cleaning and sanitizing, the cupboards, sink, under the sink, refrigerator and stove.
    • Clean and sanitize the pots, pans, glasses, cups, plates and utensils, stove top and dishes. Perrier Water for breakfast must be chilled in a refrigerator overnight.
    • 1 gallon of whole milk must be chilled 24-48 hours before using and serving. Bottled No-pulp Orange Juice must be chilled before served.
    • Use Perrier Water to build a tasters Choice in Coffee. Use a Coffee Purculator with ground coffee. Make sure that are no grounds in the coffee cup before serving. Do not serve with sugar or cream.
    • Fruit should be 1 large ripe (yellow with no brown markings) will be used as a garnish. Peel and strip the banana of all of the left over banana and the bottom part of the banana. Slice the banana so that it can easily be picked up with a fork.
    • Grits is boiled in tap water until fully cooked. You may put a dash of salt while cooking. Stir to prevent lumping. When done cover the pot.
    • Wash and peel 4 large-medium Idaho Potatoes or potatoes of your choice. Soak and Rinse in tap water. Grate the potatoes into a Stainless Steel Bowl. Rinse well. Moderately pepper with black fine pepper. Melt 1/2 stick of butter in a cast iron pan. Cover the bottom of the pan with the potatoes and cover the skillet. On low heat turn the potatoes when they are dark golden brown. When they are done, take them out of the skillet and drain on both sides on a paper towel on a dish.
    • Rinse the bacon slices in tap water. Heat the bacon on medium heat until thoroughly cooked on both sides. Drain both sides on a paper towel on a dish.
    • At The Same Time cook the toast (multi-grain bread) to a perfect darker golden brown and butter, then slice. All food should be hot and placed on a dinner plate or breakfast plate.

    Additional Notes & Special Instructions:

    The American Country Breakfast is full of beverages to compliment the food that is served on early mornings (usually served between 5AM-7AM)

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